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Thank You!

I am humbled to have been provided the honour of representing Ward 8.

I want to recognize Brian Miller, Shelley Skinner and Brad Thompson for putting forward their name, sharing their vision for Ward 8, and investing in the incredible amount of work that it takes to campaign over a 3 month period.

Certainly there are many people that I need to thank - and too many to mention in name. But please know that I am most grateful to everyone that voted, put up a sign, shared their support for me with a friend, colleague, co-worker, or relative, read, liked or shared a post, visited my website, asked a question, or assisted with campaigning. Without each and everyone of you I would not have received the honour of representing my fellow residents of Ward 8.

Finally, I need to recognize my family for all of their encouragement, love, patience and support over the past 3 months. Michele, Nicole and Alex you are my strength.

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