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Speeding in Our Neighborhoods

Traffic safety, particularly the speed at which motorist travel in our residential areas and school zones is the most common concern shared by residents. This point was made even more emphatic after the infamous and extremely dangerous Tesla incident on Little Avenue. So, if this is the most common issue - what can be done about it? Certainly citizens want and should receive action. There are several common methods that are used: 1. Requesting more police presence, 2. Raising Awareness ie putting up slow down signs, 3. Traffic Calming -Using speed bumps, speed signs, more Stops ie 4 ways. 4. Strategically using on Road Parking and 5. Speed Camera Enforcement

In our area we have tried each of the first 4 with varied success, but we have not tried Speed Camera Enforcement. I agree we can certainly benefit from more traffic calming methods - particularly speed bumps, and would support residents request for such. However, many municipalities that have faced this issue across Canada have successfully utilized Speed Camera Enforcement to reduce speeds and increase safety in their communities. I would advocate that Ward 8 be the first area in Barrie to pilot Speed Camera Enforcement.

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