Key Issues

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Allandale Station and Waterfront

Our Waterfront is the jewel of our city and the Allandale Train Station an iconic symbol of our community.  It is important that these areas are persevered for future generations to enjoy.  

The Epitome of It All
Safe and Effective Traffic Management

As a community that has a 400 series highway running through the middle of it and is experiencing constant growth, moving traffic efficiently and safely has been a long standing issue.  It is important that Council works proactively to  maintain our roads, utilize traffic calming tools in school zones and residential neighborhoods, provides adequate side walk access for pedestrians, bike lanes, and public transit.   I will work to ensure our streets are safer and traffic moves effectively.

Road Construction
Efficient Services & Quality Facilities (Your Taxes)

The promise to keep taxes low is a promise everyone makes.  Of course we will do our best to keep taxes low - nobody wants to pay more than they have to.  I will make sure that our money is spent efficiently and properly, with plenty of public feedback.  I think we understand that Barrie has been growing rapidly as others realize how great our city is.  My goal is to match infrastructure planning and growth to that population increase in the most efficient way possible, and in a way that matches the goals of the community. Everyone should expect value for their tax dollar.  One way of demonstrating this is ensuring the City provides it citizens quality facilities and efficient public services.

Creative Meeting
Stronger Local Economy

Having a diverse economy that supports a wide range of skilled and high paying jobs is important for any community.   In this competitive environment Council must ensure Barrie is ready to support entrepreneurs and businesses that represent the new economy.   

Group Meeting
Access to Post Secondary Education

With a population of 140,000 and the potential to reach over 250,000 people, Barrie is the largest city in Canada without a university campus.  A university will significantly benefit our community by creating jobs, attracting and preparing a more skilled labour force, boost our economy, and let our kids go to school close to home.  In 2015 Barrie was not awarded a campus as the province decided to award campuses to areas that were already better served than Barrie.  Mayor Lehman fought hard for a stand alone campus and I welcome the opportunity to join him in this effort.  "Barrie needs and deserves this investment in our economy and in our young people" (Lehman, 2015).