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Jim Harris

It is with great excitement that I am seeking the support of my fellow Ward 8 residents to be re-elected as your representative on Council.  As your returning Councillor, lifelong Barrie resident and resident of Ward 8 for the past 25 years I bring a proven history of commitment and extensive list of contributions to Barrie Council.  My background includes a Masters of Public Administration and Bachelor of Arts.

As your representative I will ensure your voice is heard and acted on.  

My approach will continue to be guided by 3 key principles:

1. Honouring the Past:  I believe proactive investment in our historical landmarks and sites serve as investment in our future.  I will work to protect and preserve our history.


2. Improving the Present: Simply put, we live in the present.  I will work hard to improve the services, infrastructure and facilities that we rely on today.

3. Protecting the Future:  For Barrie to remain one of the best cities in Canada to live I will ensure investments and decisions consider both the short term and long term rewards and consequences. 

"I've know Jim for 34 years. A good Councillor requires dedication, thoughtful decisions, empathy and integrity.   Jim has what Ward 8 needs." ~ Eric van Wesenbeeck, Ward 8 resident for 21 years


"Jim is a honest man with great values and integrity...this is the kind of man you want to have on your side."  Lori Howcroft

"As a paramedic battling PTSD, I brought an idea to Jim about starting a peer support group for community heroes. I needed the space and the support and very quickly he was, "Let’s do it!” Two and a half years later, Wings of Change - Peer Support has over 20 established chapters across Canada and helps hundreds of community heroes every day.  Without Jim’s support, this never could have happened " Natalie Harris BHSc, ACP, AEMCA.

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