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Community Safety

One topic that often comes up at Election time is Community Safety. And candidates make claims to address this. I have shared this picture of me receiving the 2018 Chief of Police Award on my page but have not described what this was for. In 2011 I worked with Linda Jeffery, Susan Boyles, Deputy Chief Bruce Carlson and Inspector Mark Scheffer to develop and implement a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training program for BPS. This training is designed to reduce the use of force, enhance verbal de-escalation skills and improve the safety of both the community and our officers during Emotionally Disturbed Person calls. In 2017/18 I was authorized by Chief Greenwood to conduct an independent research study on the impact of this program. The results from the officers were resoundingly positive. Subsequently, I presented my findings to the Police Services Board and am proud that many of the recommendations from my study will be adapted by BPS. I am proud to have had a long history of working with BPS and assisting their efforts to effectively serve and improve the safety of our community. As your Councillor I look forward to putting my history of collaborating with BPS to work for Ward 8.

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